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The Shreveport Team is an ISO (Independent Sales Office) for the broker, MersaTech. MersaTech is a broker for the merchant services providers (MSPs) that govern the technology used to move money or data for the “merchants” (business owners) all over the country. MersaTech is one of the largest ISOs due to the size of our book of business and our monthly submission count.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

-Winston Churchill

This Winston Churchill quote is literally on one of the walls in our office and serves as a constant reminder of why we do what we do and why we serve our community like we do! We pride ourselves on our world class 24 hour a day, 7 days a week customer service and many of our partners stand behind us on that.

This Winston Churchill quote is literally on one of the walls in our office and serves as a constant reminder of why we do what we do and why we serve our community like we do! We pride ourselves on our world class 24 hour a day, 7 days a week customer service and many of our partners stand behind us on that.

Sales Consultant – East Texas

Hi, I’m Katy!
I am a Business Consultant for MersaTech – Shreveport and I love helping businesses grow.
I started with MersaTech in 2020 and have helped over 50 business owners understand their merchant statements, save money, and streamline their payment process. As a Consultant I can assist your business by analyzing current merchant statements to see how much money MersaTech can save your business on credit card processing fees. I am passionate about helping business owners discover new ways of doing business such as custom websites and mobile app development.
The key to our mutual success is building a true partnership in which we learn from one another.
When I am not focused on business, I enjoy fitness and wellness activities, especially outdoors.
Our team at MersaTech is reliable, trustworthy, and available day or night to support your business.

National Sales Director


¡Hola! Mi nombre es Sergio y comencé en MersaTech en Enero de 2017 después de pasar 10 años en la Fuerza Aérea de Estados Unidos. Con más de 5 años de experiencia, he ayudado a cientos de empresas a ahorrar dinero en su procesamiento mensual y he ayudado a diseñar sitios web y aplicaciones móviles para nuestros clientes. Me enorgullezco de brindar el mejor servicio al cliente y construir una amistad con todos nuestros clientes. Cuando no estoy en la oficina o conduciendo de un negocio a otro cuidando a nuestros clientes, me encanta pasar tiempo con mi familia. Tengo 3 hermosos hijos, Sophia, Beckham y Camila, y una estrella de rock por esposa, Michel. Nos gusta viajar, jugar al aire libre, ver películas y las noches de juegos en familia. Me siento muy bendecida de tener una familia tan increíble en casa y en el trabajo. ¡Es un gran honor trabajar con el equipo extremadamente talentoso, trabajador y solidario de MersaTech!


Hola! My name is Sergio and I started at MersaTech in JAN of 2017 after spending 10 years in the US Air Force. With over 5 years of experience, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses save money on their monthly processing and have helped design websites and mobile apps for our customers. I pride myself in providing the best customer service and building a friendship with all our customers. When I’m not at the office or driving from business to business taking care of our customers, I love to spend time with my family. I have 3 beautiful kids Sophia, Beckham, and Camila and a rockstar of a wife, Michel. We enjoy traveling, playing outside, watching movies, and family game nights. I’m so very blessed to have such an amazing family at home and at work. It’s such an honor to work with the extremely talented, hardworking, and a caring team at MersaTech!!

Project manager

With over 6 years of demonstrated experience in managing programs, scheduling tasks, and overseeing multiple projects simultaneously – it’s me, your project manager, Hanna. I am a professional problem solver, a sun chaser and a lifelong learner. I believe every problem has a solution – it’s just a matter of having the right resources to find the one that fits your needs. That’s where I come in. My job is to focus on implementing integrated or custom tailored solutions to your business in order to improve efficiency, cut costs and add value. I am always hungry for knowledge and a bowl of Spicy Ramen. When I’m not searching for business solutions, you can catch me searching the shelves of any thrift store for a vintage find or planning my next weekend getaway.

Sales Consultant – West Texas

Hi, I’m Traci!

I am the newest member of the MersaTech Shreveport Team, operating in West Texas. I was born and raised in the Abilene area but moved to Shreveport to play softball at Centenary in the early 2000’s. I moved back to Abilene but kept a love for Shreveport and the people in it ever since, which is how I connected with MersaTech. I have over 17 years of sales experience in the medical device industry and am excited for this unique opportunity to explore and serve a multitude of industries beyond medical. I desire to build strong relationships with businesses in diverse sectors and assist them in understanding their merchant statements, save money and streamline their payment processes. If I’m not working you can find me on the softball field coaching my two daughters or if I’m lucky, playing in a game myself. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team and work with each of the talented individuals who make up MersaTech.

Tech support

Hi! My name is Jack.
I am a Technician for MersaTech. I started at MersaTech in late 2020 and have helped current merchants keep their terminals working and installed numerous new terminals for new merchants. As a Technician, I help merchants when they have technical issues or when new merchants begin their partnership with MersaTech. As a Shreveport area native, I enjoy helping local businesses grow and thrive by helping them with their credit card terminals. When I am not focused on business, I enjoy reading, computers, and duck hunting with my friends.

MersaTech Admin

Hello! I am Heidi.

I am a professional organizer as Mario likes to say! I joined the Mersatech team in March of 2022. My background is in medical office management. I worked a total of 18 years in the medical industry. My passion is customer service and putting in a hard day’s work each day. When I am not at work covering my desk in 5000 sticky notes, you can find me keeping the Sanders’ house spic and span (I am a teeny bit of a clean freak) or outside in the yard.  I also love spending time with my husband, Matt, and son Lleyton AND my spoiled rotten long-haired dachshund, named Riggs. I genuinely enjoy working at Mersatech as all our team members strive daily to provide the best customer service experience for our customers

MersaTech Admin

Mario served 12 years in the Louisiana National Guard where he specialized in satellite Communications, FM transmissions, encryption and held a secret clearance with the US Army. Mario also worked for Lumen Technologies, Inc. (formerly CenturyLink) for 6 years as an inside plant support technician. He has worked in the merchant service industry for 20 years with a strong emphasis on not only sales but superior technical support. Mario enjoys the challenge of providing a solution to a client that an ordinary off the shelf solution will not support. He has built this sales office with industry specific multiple vertical solutions and always putting the client and their needs in front of traditional methods. Assembling a team of equally dedicated professionals willing to provide superior customer service and satisfied customers with strong loyalty Is his legacy.

Great customers reviews
and comments

Great customers reviews
and comments

Their rates are super competitive!!

I have dealt with several merchant processors over the past decade and these guys are BY FAR the best!! And they are local!! And their rates are super competitive!! And best of all, their customer service will never be outdone!!


I wish I could give Mersatech more than five stars out of five.

I have been a user of QuickBooks software for over 20 years. One of the downfalls of the QuickBooks software is that the integrated program works great as long as you use their Processing Company at less than competitive rates. This led to me paying much higher Merchant fees than were available in the open market. That was, until I found Mersatech. Not only did I receive an incredible rate, Mersatech was able to write software that integrated their merchant processing system in QuickBooks. This is a game changer, and the money I will save is just really unbelievable while still maintaining an integrated simple credit card receipts process within Quickbooks. I cannot recommend this company enough!


They truly care about helping my small business succeed.

They gave me a really good deal on my card processing and they are quick to respond to my questions and request. They truly care about helping my small business succeed. My rep Katy is awesome, she also helped me with my website and provided me with different marketing ideas! I highly recommend contacting them today to see how they can help your business grow and earn more money. That’s what they are doing for me. Thanks Mersatech!


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