Merchant accounts
Credit card processing

Setting up new accounts
Online solutions for both e-commerce and MOTO platforms.
Specializing in lowering merchants rates and fees while offering the best customer service
Mail order telephone order merchant accounts
Online solutions for both e-commerce and MOTO platforms.
Free terminal program
A wide range of marketing and incentives including a free terminal program

reviews & comments

Amazing service!
MersaTech has provided my merchant services for many years. As a matter of fact, I recommend them to all of my business clients who might merchant services. For the last 10 years, MersaTech has helped many of them save money on their discount rates with credit card swipes.

Rex M.

Great and efficient business!
Professional employees and cheapest cc transactions in market

Turaeza H.
The absolute BEST service!
I own a meal prep company and deal with all kinds of clients. My employees are always up to date with all the new technology mersatech has to offer simply because their sales office takes the time to personally come educate them! We could not be more satisfied with our decision to go with mersatech

Megan S.
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