Stand alone terminal

The VX 520 is a reliable, rugged countertop POS device that’s built to last.

Grocery store
Retail store
Fitness center
Nail salon
Medical office
Educational center
vx520 | MersaTech LLC

High speed

400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor


Built-in contactless
MasterCard Contactless
Visa payWave
American Express ExpressPay

Dial, Ethernet

USB client
3G (optional)
2G (optional)
USB host


PCI PTS 3.x approved

Large memory capacity

160MB (128MB Flash, 32MB SDRAM)


203mm L × 78mm W × 87mm H; 500g weight

vx520 | MersaTech LLC

VX 520 troubleshooting

Connection problem.
Switch the terminal off and on and try to connect again. Check that the SIM-card is properly placed in its slot.

Terminal does not read cards.
Switch the terminal off and on and try again. The chip card reader might also be unclean. Clean the reader with a cleansing card and try again.

Power is off.
Switch on the terminal by pressing the Enter-button for a while or by connecting the power cord. The battery might also be empty and require charging.

Download quick reference guide VX 520

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